Every autumn, we celebrate the harvest with our Pumpkin Festival. It’s a day of fun on the farm with pumpkin games, live music, fresh food, family hayrides and, out in the fields, our famous trebuchet launching pumpkins high into the air. Based on a weapon of siege warfare that originated in the Middle Ages, our trebuchet is strictly for fun — but it takes a great deal of force to pull back the throwing arm.

That’s where this tractor comes in. The second one we ever bought, it had 1,500 hours on it when we purchased it for $6,000 in Connecticut in 1978. It helped us clear trees and stumps from our first two fields, and is a versatile member of the Morning Glory fleet: agile for seeding and cultivation of 3- or 5-row bed crops, and very useful as a handy farm loader for all kinds of tasks: unloading apple bins from the produce truck, moving winter squash and pumpkin bins, moving potting soil blocks and 900-pound hay bales, and — every autumn — pulling down the trebuchet arm so pumpkins can fly. 

Model 3000Ford 3000 tractor
Brand Ford
Engine 2.6L 3-cyl
Fuel gasoline
Year 1965-75
HP 37 PTO, 47 engine, 33 drawbar
Special tools loader with adjustable forks

Meet the fleet: