Often, at the end of a season when our employees depart the farm, they write us letters. Here are some excerpts that may give you a sense of what it’s like to work at Morning Glory:

Lydia Sylvia has been with Morning Glory Farm for years.

I was very impressed with all of you and respect the way you run your business. From your family to each and every person employed by you I only experienced kindness. I’ve never seen such great team work and it had been a long time since I had worked with so many positive happy employees. You have something special going for sure. I am grateful to have been a part of it all. — W., 2018
Being a farmer has allowed me to become better aware of the close relationship between mankind and nature. — K., 1990s

Farm work means being outside in all weather. Photo by Alison Shaw

Not only have I enjoyed the job, but I have learned so much from it and my love and appreciation for the outdoors has grown significantly. In fact, I recently decided that I will be studying environmental science when I move on to college. — M., 2007
I sure miss spending my days outside with the field crew. I learned a great deal working at Morning Glory Farm and I think about my positive experiences there quite frequently. I admire your hard work, dedication, and active role in the community. — L.
I have returned each year for three reasons: 1) the money 2) the people and 3) IT’S MARTHA’S VINEYARD! — D.

…”the best job I have ever had … ” Photo by Alison Shaw

Field work in itself was an absolute joy for me … But beyond farm tasks, I cannot adequately put into words how much I admire the two of you, the farm you’ve built, and the sense of community you’ve nurtured. … I felt proud to tell Islanders where I worked, and I really did feel like I was part of a loving & kind “family.” — C., 2014
I loved getting to know every single employee, from the Friday morning family meetings to our farm parties (talent show was amazing!) … I had a truly life-changing experience at the farm and will never forget my first taste of farming. … (Y)you treat every field hand as you would a son or daughter and every employee as a dear friend … — R., 2010
I really appreciate how warm and personal you have made working on the farm. … This is the best job I have ever had. — J.
I have never had a better job. — F., 2007

Outstanding in his field: Crew chief Michael Montuori is a proud graduate of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts.

I could not find cheaper housing and OH MY DAY I could not even DREAM of finding another group of people I appreciate as much as I do the barn mates I had this summer … — K.
My experience at the farm was one of the most rewarding of my life made especially so by the caring, fair, professional guidance of you & Debbie & the excellent group of young people you hire. … The people I met were a terrific side benefit not to mention the wonderful fruits and vegetables we enjoyed. — J., 1992

“I have returned each year for three reasons: 1) the money 2) the people and 3) IT’S MARTHA’S VINEYARD! ” Photo by Alison Shaw

Your farm is a wonderful place, and you have a beautiful family community. — J.
I am at home in this farm community you have created. Thank you for inviting me again. — P., 2016
A typical summer morning on the field crew might start like this description, from a 2017 college application essay kindly shared with us by the author:
Our task that day was for each member of the crew to pick two bushels of sugar snap peas and then harvest the summer squash in the field next to us. I fall into a rhythm picking peas, plucking the ones that are the right size and shape for sale at the farmstand and putting them into the wooden bushel, eating several here and there.
As the basket fills with peas there is a rewarding feeling when there is no longer a thunking sound as peas hit the bare bottom of the bushel basket. As I pick, I observe my surroundings, taking in the beauty of the blue sky, open land, and the hard working crew scattered around the field. The fields are made up of a pattern of furrowed rows—some still bare soil, some covered with green sprouts, and some almost ready to harvest: in this case it is red strawberries beginning to blossom. — M., 2017

Of all the jobs on Martha’s Vineyard, working at Morning Glory Farm may be among the most rewarding. Photo by Alison Shaw

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