Hello everyone!  My name is Cheryl Harary and I’m the wholesale manager at Morning Glory Farm.  This is my third season here and I can’t imagine doing anything else!  This time of year, my job is very important/rewarding because the farmstand has slowed down significantly, but we are still harvesting all kinds of delicious vegetables and fruit.  Thanks to several island restaurants, caterers, retail stores and schools, we don’t have to compost all of the surplus food that we harvest!  All I ask is that orders are made by 7:30 in the morning, and the same day pick up or delivery is available.

It is a great feeling to know that the more we are providing local businesses with, the fewer trucks and boxes are coming onto the island.  Some of the restaurants that regularly serve Morning Glory produce include Zephrus, State Road, Sweet Life, Chesca’s, L’etoile, Sidecar, David Ryans, Harborview, and the Outermost Inn.  It is very cool to go out to eat and see our produce on the menu!  Some island caterers, such as Chefworks, Bill Smith’s Clambakes and the Kitchen Porch also love serving local vegetables at events throughout the season. 

Additionally, several island retail stores, including Cronigs (both stores), Alleys, Tisbury Farm Market, Eden and Tony’s market, have all kinds of our produce available.  If Edgartown is inconvenient sometime, check out one of these stores if you are looking for Morning Glory produce!

This fall, the schools on the island have been using all kinds of island grown produce, which is amazing.  I can’t imagine eating local vegetables when I was in school!  Corn on the cob and watermelons have been a huge hit in the last month.

This week’s wholesale availability includes: corn, lettuce, potatoes, sugar pumpkins, winter squash, boc choi, peppers, eggplant, melons, celery, garlic, chard, kale and various bunched herbs

Written by:   Cheryl Harary, Wholesale Manager