By guest blogger Rachel Caine, MS, Dietetic Intern, Mount Auburn Hospital 

What are eggplants?
Eggplants are a nightshade vegetable like tomatoes, potatoes, and bell peppers. There are several varieties, but they all tend to have a mostly neutral taste and spongy texture. They absorb a lot of liquid and easily take on the flavors they are cooked with. The skin, seeds and flesh are all edible and nutritious.

Why eat them?
Eggplants have a unique flavor and texture compared to many other vegetables and are a great addition to many summer dishes. They are sturdy and hold up to heat well, but can also easily be turned into a soft dip or sauce. Eggplants are also very nutritious and contain more fiber than most vegetables, so they are very good for the GI tract. They are good sources of potassium, magnesium and calcium, so they support bone and heart health. And eggplants have some potent phytonutrients in both their skin and their flesh that act as strong antioxidants, some of which are potentially supportive of brain function.

At Morning Glory Farm, we have several kinds of eggplants including the classic Italian, a lovely purple eggplant, baby purple eggplants, long Japanese eggplants and even white eggplants. Give them a try!

How can I use eggplants?

  • Cube and roast for a salad or other mixed dish
  • Cook and blend into a flavorful dip
  • Use in a vegetarian lasagna or other pasta dish
  • Saute with other summer vegetables for a healthy summer entree or side
  • Slice and grill
  • Bread and bake or lightly pan fry to make fritters or eggplant parmesan
  • Add to a pizza
  • Peel, cook and then blend with other seasonings to create a sauce for pasta
  • Marinate and use as a sandwich topping
  • Try these recipes: