Deca’s carpenters and masons continue to ready the building to receive the post and beam frame we expect soon.

morning glory farm

The ‘Deck’ as they call it, the sub floor of the final store.  In front is the concrete floor of the cooler area and forward is the new farm sales area.

sonnor tubes

These are sonar tubes being placed and poured.  They will make the footings for the wrap around porch.  The soil is so sandy and loose that we needed to put a footing below them at 12 foot deep then run this tube up and fill it with concrete and the anchor bolt for the porch.  This should make sure we can fill up the porch with displays, rocking chairs, people, bands, cooking demonstrations; and whatever else we or you may feel like, and not have the porch sink or become cooked like so many Edgartown porches are.

sweet corn room

This is the ‘corn room’, I am standing in the salad bar area to take this picture of the old seed room stairs.  The floor will be raised up a foot and meet the rest of the building, with the stairs on the other side (outside the store floor).  I think this picture is kinda wild to look at having traveled those stairs so many times.

morning glory farm basement

The masons are pouring us a nice level and huge floor, that will constitute our dry storage area.  It’s huge I love it!

morning glory farm

The south east view, the wood frame structure will hold our new walk in cooler.  A new energy efficient machine that will also act as a dehumidifier and basement climate control unit by some smart engineering by our friends at Alexander and Dyke Refidgeration.  A office will be above this area.

Wish us luck finishing by Memorial day when we hope to open, could be hard.  Come by and check out the progress, we hope to see Hardwick Post & Beam on Monday!

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