1.0           Introduction

1.1           This standard procedure describes the authority, responsibilities and measurements of performance of the Farm Stand Manager at Morning Glory Farm (MGF).

2.0           Summary

2.1           The basic function of the Farm stand manager is to plan, organize, and execute the necessary sales and customer service activities of the farm stand to enhance customer satisfaction.

3.0           Reporting Relationships

3.1       The Farm stand manager reports to the C.F.O.
3.2           Farm stand associates report to the Farm stand manager.


4.0           Authority
The Farm stand manager has the authority to:

4.1           Schedule and assign activities and tasks to farm stand associates.
4.2           Establish and requisition required farm stand supplies and produce, including participating in the hiring of farm stand associates.
4.3           Evaluate the job performance of farm stand associates.

5.0           Requirements

5.1           Education: High school or equivalent.
5.2       Experience: A minimum of 12 months of Farm stand work experience at MGF and familiarity with MGF’s produce quality.
5.3       Skill, Knowledge and Abilities: Organizational, leadership, and excellent people skills with the ability to communicate clearly with customers and employees on MGF product-related issues.

6.0       Responsibilities

6.1           Developing and implementing farm stand operating procedures, in conjunction with the C.F.O
6.2           Developing and Inspiring a farm stand associates team that strives to provide first class customer service
6.3           Identifying areas in the farm stand department where improvement in customer service is required, and making necessary changes to address these concerns.


7.0  Duties

7.1  Participating in the hiring and interviewing farm stand associates.
7.2           Collaborating with the C.F.O in developing and administering farm stand associate training programs
7.3           Monitoring farm stand supplies and produce inventory and requisitioning necessary additions to ensure adequate stocks.
7.4           Forecasting sales activity, establishing labor needs, and effectively scheduling and assigning tasks to available associates to maximize service quality and productivity.
7.5           Monitoring the farm stand display to ensure that the facility is well stocked and presentable.
7.6           Enforcing display techniques that take into consideration produce quality, temperature requirements, storage, and ripening strategies while maximizing space usage and exposure.
7.7           Making frequent interaction with customers and associates to ascertain customer needs and endeavoring to create an attractive friendly atmosphere for customers.
7.8           Supervising associate activities to ensure that set operating procedures and product price-lists are observed.
7.9          Updating the price-list and operating procedures, in consultation with the C.F.O
7.10          Maintaining all sales related paperwork including the daily sales log and customer satisfaction feedback sheets
7.11          Training a back-up person for the Farm stand manager position.
7.12         Performing any other sales related duties in the best interest of the company. This includes covering any of the staff tasks such as operating the cash register, answering phones, stocking, cleaning, etc.


8.0       Measurements of Performance

8.1           Stand is always well stocked
8.2           Produce and supplies inventory is well managed; required items are requisitioned and documentation made in a timely manner.
8.3           Farm stand work schedule is drawn in advance and always implemented.
8.4           Employee satisfaction (based on suggestion box) is enhanced.
8.5           Customer satisfaction (based on customer feedback forms) is enhanced.
8.6           Standard operating procedures are enforced in the department.
8.7           Necessary paperwork is completed handed in promptly.
8.8           Performance evaluations for farm stand associates are conducted at least once a month.
8.9           Consistently shows ability to recognize and deal with priorities. Demonstrates good judgment in reporting major issues and seeking guidance from the C.F.O.
8.10        Respects the confidentiality of company information and ensures that subordinates do likewise.
8.11        Has trained a replacement for this position.