1.0       Introduction

1.1       This Position Guide defines the basic function, reporting relationships, authority, duties, and performance evaluation of the Field Manager at Morning Glory Farm (MGF).

2.0       Position Overview

2.1           Establishing field assignment requirements, anticipating bottlenecks in work progress, and coordinating their completion in a cost effective and timely manner.
2.2           On-site training, coordination, and control of staff in following company policies and procedures and in the effective utilization of resources to produce quality work.


3.0       Reporting Relationships

3.1       The Field manager reports to the C.O.O.
3.2       Field Crews report to the Field manager.


4.0       Authority

4.1           Planning, requisitioning, and assigning field supplies, tools, and labor to complete assigned operations.
4.2           Setting and implementing operations goals and plans, in collaboration with the C.O.O.
4.3           Training, evaluating, and recommending to the C.O.O, the hiring and/or firing of any crew within MGF’s set policies and procedures.


5.0       Requirements

5.1       Education: High School Diploma and training in farming operations.

5.2       Experience:

Two years experience working at MGF in all field aspects; growing through harvesting and handling

5.3       Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

This position requires organizational and leadership skills, the ability to plan, direct, and control operations, and operating knowledge of techniques and equipment used in planting, weeding, and harvesting crops at MGF.

6.0           Responsibilities

6.1           Collaborating with the C.O.O in establishing field operations needs and developing a plan to satisfy them promptly and cost effectively.
6.2           Overseeing the day-to-day smooth-running of operations; directing, supervising, and tracking man-hours on scheduled field activities to achieve the set productivity and quality goals.
6.3           Monitoring field operations, detecting inefficient and unsafe work procedures and problems, and initiating corrective action.
6.4           Maintaining all work status reports and schedules to keep the C.O.O informed of any problem that may impact the scheduled completion and overall cost of operation.

7.0           Duties

7.1           Participating, as required, in planning discussions with the C.O.O to assess, determine, and schedule field operations needs.
7.2           Participating in the budgeting and resource allocation meetings and scheduling crews to meet the set operations agenda.
7.3           Collaborating with the C.O.O in establishing and enforcing operations goals and ensuring that personal safety and sanitation policies are followed.
7.4           Assigning tools and equipment to workers.
7.5           Monitoring field crew job performance, identifying employee areas of weakness and training needs, and conducting on-site training to upgrade their skills in regard to efficient methods of field work, safety regulations, and characteristics of crop problems.
7.6           Monitoring and communicating to the C.O.O all crop conditions; maturity, weed, insect, and water needs.
7.7           Organizing transportation of workers and produce between various points of the farm.
7.8           Investigating grievances and settling disputes to maintain harmony among workers.
7.9           Requisitioning farm supplies, tools, any required equipment.
7.10        Reviewing and approving field crew hours worked.
7.11        Advising, disciplining, and recommending to the C.O.O the firing of non-performers.
7.12        Reviewing field work assignments for schedule changes, supplies delays, and down time and taking corrective action to minimize waste of resources.
7.13        Establishing, communicating, and monitoring bunching and washing standards and procedures in collaboration with the C.O.O and stand manager for consistent and economical presentation of farm products to the customer.
7.14        Ensuring that procedures for cleanup and sanitation of the bunch-wash area are communicated and enforced.
7.15        Completing operations reports to communicate to the C.O.O, the progress of all running assignments with respect to farm conditions, labor efficiency and problems, machinery breakdowns, work schedules, and any unusual work circumstances.
7.16        Administering meetings and the employee suggestion system for the dept.
7.17        Training a back-up employee for this position.
7.18        Performing other duties including any of the field work tasks, as needed, working directly at job sites with crews in ensuring the timely completion of quality work.


8.0           Performance Measurements

8.1           The operations schedule is developed in advance and always implemented.
8.2           Operations projects are assigned in an effective manner.
8.3           Standards for ripeness, size, and quality of produce are consistently met.
8.4           Bunching and washing standards are met and sinks and washroom are clean and safe.
8.5           Assigned field operations are completed on schedule and within the set budget limits.
8.6           The crop condition log is completed accurately and promptly submitted to the C.O.O.
8.7           Operations reports are completed promptly and accurately indicating labor used, schedule, performance, employee count, problems encountered, issues still pending, resolved, pest problems, broken tools, fences, ripe crops, fertilizer applied, where, when, quantity, next step needed, issues that need urgent attention, etc.
8.8           Employee productivity is maintained consistently at high levels.
8.9           Employee evaluations are conducted regularly and in a timely manner.
8.10        Consistently shows ability to recognize and deal with priorities; demonstrates good judgment and planning skills.
8.11        Satisfactorily resolves employee complaints; unresolved problems are presented with a suggested solution to the C.O.O.
8.12        Employee training is administered effectively and has trained/is in the process of training a replacement employee for this position.