How do we wash 2,000 pounds of fresh carrots? As rapidly as we can!


We brought in 2,000 pounds of Nantes carrots this week. Morning Glory Farm has been growing and hand-harvesting these flavorful, blunt-ended carrots for more than 20 years. We love the way they taste: sweeter than the well-known, pointy-ended Imperator variety that’s mechanically harvested for supermarket sales.

As one of our customers told us this fall: “This is the way a carrot is supposed to taste.” Here’s our super-easy recipe for a terrific carrot side dish — kids gobble it up: Maple-Glazed Carrots from Morning Glory Farm and the Family that Feeds an Island.

In the video, Lydia, Jacob, Ethan and Ally speed-wash a bumper crop of December carrots fresh from the field.