Photo by Ethan Valenti.

Photo by Ethan Buchanan-Valenti.

A week ago, our asparagus shoots had barely broken the ground. Today we brought in the earliest of the crop, which barely lasted into the afternoon. Farm manager Ethan Buchanan-Valenti says it will be a couple of weeks yet before we’re picking asparagus every day, but with this sunny Monday it looks good for another small harvest Tuesday morning. We’re continuing to carry off-Island asparagus, as well.

On days following cloudy weather, we’ll let the shoots stay in the ground, soaking up the sunshine until they’re big enough to pick. But once warm weather settles in, Ethan says they’ll be growing up to a centimeter an hour!

By the way: This is our 25th asparagus harvest. We average about 4,000 pounds a year from our one-acre field in Katama.

Here’s a recipe from our cookbook, Morning Glory’s Farm Food, that celebrates the best of our early spring produce: fresh eggs, spinach, asparagus and chives: Baked Eggs with Leeks, Spinach and Asparagus