baby cornish rock cross

We just received our second load of baby chicks here at morning glory farm.  Justin Myers made them very comfortable this morning in the cow barn, old stanchens turns brooding room.  This little cheeping box comes in to the post office in edgartown and they call us when they take receipt.  We always try to get them home and into their warm brooding room asap.  We have two brooding rooms for keeping the chicks warm and dry while they grow.  Once large enough they move outside into our pastured poultry pens where they move daily around the pastures.

We get 75, 1 week old chicks every three weeks all summer and that allows us to bring in the slaughtering team every three weeks as well.  We grow the cornish rock cross breed, a fast growing bird.  So in 8-9 weeks we will have fresh pasture fed poultry to sell in our store, and for our kitchens to make delicious dinners with.  These birds grow large fast, especially when happy and healthy.  We like to grow our birds to about 5lbs for the dressed weight, much larger than your average store bought bird.  But when roasted a larger bird seems to hold it moisture better and (my favorite) offers leftovers for lunch the next day. Please post any ideas for unique recipes for fresh chicken.  The one note that many people need to hear is that fresh birds have significantly more moisture to them than frozen ones and require slightly longer cooking times and is always recommended to check the internal temperature before removing from the heat.  I look forward to hearing about some interesting new recipes, eat well.  Simon

cornish rock cross

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