Take eco-conscious shopping to the next level with one of our new Morning Glory Farm baskets! These furniture-quality, two-handled baskets are handcrafted by the artisans of the Peterboro Basket Co. in Peterborough, N.H. using Appalachian White Ash harvested from Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. This is the same hardwood that baseball bats, snowshoes and axe handles are made from. The nails are solid brass to prevent rusting and all of the hardware is brass coated. 

We carry three sizes. The full-sized shopping basket is $44.95. The trug — perfect for gathering flowers and herbs — is $39.95 and the small, “kid-size” shopper is $29.95.

Carry them to the farmers market and local shops; fill them with goodies to make gift baskets that will wow their recipients; use them at home as handsome, accessible storage for toys, magazines, kitchen gadgets and almost anything you can imagine.

These baskets are built to last and we’re proud to put our name on them. But we only have a limited supply, so get yours soon.