On Friday and Saturday, Jan. 14 and Jan. 15, we’re holding our biggest sale ever as we begin our very first year of 12-month operations at the farmstand.

Most* of the store will be discounted at 25% off and our squash will be 50% off, making this the perfect time to pick up some long-keeping butternut, koginut and Long Island Cheese (great for pumpkin pies). We will also have cut squash for your convenience.

The entire cheese department will be 25% off and we’ll have cut Reggiano Parmesan at our registers. Other products on sale at 25% off include our repacked nuts, seeds and dried fruit, and groceries including Gifford’s Ice Cream.

From the bakery, all pies and sweet breads — zucchini, banana and cranberry — will be 25% off. We’ll also have six-packs of frozen housemade cookies to bake off at your home for $9.95, and frozen pie doughs for $6.95 a two-pack, with baking instructions.

Our kitchen will feature select to-go meals at 25% off. Frozen chicken stock and Martha’s Vineyard Mycological shiitake stock, regularly $8.95, will be $6.95. Check the freezer case for other specials including marinara sauce and mac and cheese sauce.

“Old Moglo logo” apparel will be 75% off the original price.

Shop with us Friday and Saturday and save your receipt — it will include a scannable coupon you can use in February for 30% off a one-time purchase. Shop twice on Jan. 14 and 15 and you’ll receive two coupons.

A portion of the proceeds from this two-day sale will be donated to the Martha’s Vineyard Diversity Coalition, which is planning a Truth & Joy Festival at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs on June 23 and 24. 

While loyalty card members don’t get an extra discount off these already-low prices, all purchases with the card will earn points. We’ll also have new loyalty card specials starting Sunday, through Jan. 27.

We hope to see you this Friday and Saturday for the big sale! The farmstand is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.