corn augsept05-001We’ve finally started picking our own corn, although supplies have been limited and each harvest sells out quickly. Corn needs sun to ripen to perfection, and we’ve been looking at a lot of cloudy days lately.

This “early crop” variety, Renaissance — a bicolor corn with all-natural breeding and no GMOs, of course — could have come as early as July 10, but was slowed by the cool and rainy weather. We did our best to help it along by transplanting it at three weeks to black plastic raised beds and covering half the crop with mini-greenhouses we call slitted row covers. This let us begin picking that half first, while the rest continues to ripen uncovered.

Still, there’s only so much a farmer can do when the weather has other ideas. So we hope you’ll understand if you find we have off-Island corn for sale in the afternoons. It’s still from Massachusetts and is the very best we can buy for you.
vintage Athearn farming photo corn
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