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Strawberry shortcake photo by Alison Shaw—recipe in our cookbook

Come to our Sherman field on Saturday, June 20 (2020) between 10 a.m. and noon for our drive-through/bike-through/walk-through strawberry shortcake festival! 2021 information here »»

We’ll have strawberry shortcakes and strawberry lemonades, all made with fresh, ripe berries from Morning Glory Farm. As a bonus, from your vehicle you can get a close-up look at our farm fields. We hope this will make it possible for even the most vulnerable to experience the joy of early summer on our farm.

The Athearn family and farm managers will serve you, requesting cash only and exact change for contactless in-vehicle transactions: We will extend a basket for payment, and present your order to you hands-free.

How it works:

Sherman field is the one you see across Meshacket Road from the farmstand.

Enter the field through the gate that is opposite the exit from the farmstand parking lot. You’ll travel past beach plums and sunflowers and along the newly planted 2021 strawberry patch.

Turn left down the center lane of the field, by our Aronia orchard, and Stop at the east end of our Concord grape vines.

(Don’t worry if these directions seem confusing in print: We’ll have the entire path well marked, with signs to identify the crops.)

At the pay station, you’ll drop your cash into the basket, which we’ll thoroughly sanitize between customers. 

Drive up to the next station and your order will be passed to you, through the car window, on a pizza peel that’s also sanitized between uses.

Then continue straight along the tomatoes and peppers, more strawberries and kale, following the lane to where it rejoins Meshacket Road right across from the farmstand entrance. 

If you will not be in a motor vehicle, please be extremely careful in line: stay safely away from automobiles. The fields themselves are off-limits to all but staff.

It is a very good strawberry year, so we hope you can join us!