When do your flowers come into season?
How long can I expect my cut flowers to last?
How can I make my flower arrangement last longer?
Can I order flowers for special events?
What are the ordering options?
Do you deliver?
How do I place an order for flowers?
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field of cosmos flowers

When do your flowers come into season?

  • Typically, we have Morning Glory Farm-grown flowers for sale at the farmstand from late June until the first frost, sometime in October or November. With each passing year, we work on extending this season as much as possible. 
  • We take flower orders beginning in mid-July.

How long can I expect my MGF bouquet to last? 

  • Our flowers are picked fresh and arranged daily, so depending on the ingredients in the bouquet it will last about a week, sometimes longer, if cared for properly.

What can I do to make my arrangement last longer?

  • For the longest-lasting, freshest-looking bouquets, we tell our customers to keep the water fresh and clean, recut the stems every couple of days and pull out blooms as they fade.
  • Also, it is very important to keep your cut flowers out of direct sunlight. 
  • Some customers prefer putting flower preservatives in with the flower water. 

Can I order flowers from MGF for my event or wedding?

  • YES! From mid-July through early October, we typically have extra flowers we can sell wholesale to restaurants, florists, individuals and brides, for parties, events, weddings and other festivities. 
  • We call these “What’s Blooming Bouquets & Buckets,” because each is composed of exactly what is the freshest in our fields at that moment. 
  • If you have a particular favorite flower we will do our best to accommodate you, but our bulk flowers are purely seasonal and reflect what is in bloom at the time. 

What are the ordering options?

We offer four ordering options: Arranged Bouquets, Bulk Blooms, Single Variety (Straight Bunches) and By the Stem.

Arranged Bouquets:

  • To pre-order 3 or more pre-arranged MGF bouquets at $19.95 a bouquet for your restaurant, party or event, please contact wholesale manager Casey Mazar Kelly at wholesale@morninggloryfarm.com.
  • If you would like to customize these bouquets by selecting a color scheme, you can do that for an additional $4 a bouquet, making the arrangements $23.95 each. 

Bulk Blooms:

  • We will sell you a variety of blooms by the bucket in a color scheme of your choice.
  • Each bucket or group of buckets will have an assortment of ingredients that can be used to make lovely DIY arrangements for your wedding or event. 
  • In your buckets you will receive a variety of show flowers, fill flowers and accent flowers that will enable you to do beautiful work.  
  • Flower buckets are priced between $30 and $70 a bucket, depending on the value of the ingredients. The number of stems per bucket will vary depending on size of blooms but we estimate that you will receive 60- 80 stems per bucket. 
  • The number of arrangements that can be made from one bucket will vary depending on your arranging style, but as a reference we state that a customer could make 5-7 quart-sized Mason jar arrangements with the ingredients from one bucket. 
  • A bucket deposit of $5 each will be refunded when the bucket is returned to MGF. 

Single-variety (straight) bunches (minimum order $30):

  • We can sell you straight bunches of flowers of single varety for $15.95 a bunch, containing approximately 15-25 stems a bunch. 
  • The most common straight bunches we sell are sunflower, snapdragon, cosmos, zinnia and sweet pea, but others may be available upon request.    

By the stem (minimum order $30):

  • Certain premium flowers will become available by the stem during our growing season. These blooms are available on a week by week basis and are priced by the stem.
  • Snap Dragons: $1
  • Sweet Peas: $1
  • Lisianthus: $2
  • Sunflowers: $1 – $2 depending on variety
  • Peonies: $2 – $3, depending on size of bloom
  • Dahlias: $2 – $3 / stem, depending on size of bloom

Do you deliver flowers or flower arrangements?

  • We can deliver to restaurants, florists, grocery stores and other businesses through our wholesale department on their delivery schedule. 
  • Check with Casey about her delivery days when you place your order. 
  • We currently do not deliver to individual residences
  • We suggest you pick up pre-arranged flowers the day of, or day before your event.
  • For DIY buckets, we suggest you pick up your flowers several days before your event to give your team plenty of time to make the arrangements.   

How do I order flowers from Morning Glory Farm?

  • You can order 3 or more pre-arranged MGF bouquets or straight bunches through Casey Mazar Kelly in our wholesale department: wholesale@morninggloryfarm.com
  • More specific flower orders (by the stem or bulk blooms) go through our flower manager Robyn Athearn: flowers@morninggloryfarm.com
  • Or you can place an order online: 

Thank you for your interest in flowers from Morning Glory Farm!