New Loyalty Card Specials: Honey Sodas, Nutty Mixes, Crunchy Chickpea Snacks

It’s time for a new set of specials for our Morning Glory Farm Loyalty Card members. For the next two weeks, we are featuring Green Bee honey sodas, Saffron Road crunchy chickpeas and two satisfying snack mixes, salt-free Naked Nut Mix and sweet-salty Hikers Mix. Sale prices are good, with your card, through August 5.

Satisfy your thirst with honey-sweetened Green Bee sodas, handcrafted in Brunswick, Me. (the home of Bowdoin College). The company slogan is “Real ingredients. Real flavor. No shortcuts.” Ranging from 60 to 110 calories, their 12-ounce sodas come in four flavors: Lemon Sting (lemon & rosemary), Ginger Buzz (fresh ginger, coriander), Green Tea (lemon), Blueberry Dream (wild blueberry juice, fresh ginger).
$1.95 per bottle, with your card (regularly $3.95).

Hikers Mix: Raisins, yogurt raisins, peanuts, shelled sunflower seeds, cashews and almonds combine in this energizing, tasty snack mix. Packed in resealable containers, this mix — just like Naked Nut Mix, below — is great to have on hand or in your bicycle bag.
$8.95 a pound with your card (regularly $9.95).

Naked Nut Mix: A salt-free combo of almonds, cashews, pistachios, cranberries, flame raisins and walnuts, with nothing to melt in the heat.
$13.95 a pound with your card (regularly $14.95).

Made with organic and non-GMO ingredients, Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas are a savory snack and more: Enjoy them as a soup topper or as salad “croutons” for a crispy crunch of flavor. Choose from Sea Salt, Bombay Spice (ginger, cumin, coriander), Chipotle, Falafel and Korean BBQ (sweet and savory) — or, at $3 off per bag, try them all!
$3.95 per 6-oz. bag with your card (regularly $6.95).

Your Moglo card also entitles you to special prices on our coffee of the month and 10% off all produce at the farmstand, where we started picking our own sweet corn this week and are harvesting an abundance of onions, summer squash, eggplants and more. Come see what’s fresh!

Meg’s Summer Slaw, a.k.a. Slaw with What You’ve Got

When life gives you vegetables, make slaw! Our abundant summer harvests offer daily opportunities for fresh dishes like this one, using what’s in season and on hand. Meg Athearn whipped a batch of this slaw up for the staff BBQ last week and it was so good, we asked her to write down the recipe:

1/2 head red cabbage, sliced
1/2 head green cabbage, sliced
4-6 carrots, grated
1 bunch green scallions, chopped
1 bunch cilantro, chopped, excluding stems
1 bunch radishes, sliced into rounds
1 red pepper (ours will be ready soon!), thinly sliced
1/2 tablespoon ginger, minced
Juice of 1 lime
1 tablespoon sesame oil
2 dashes rice wine vinegar
2 tablespoons olive or canola oil
Dash of soy sauce
Salt/pepper to taste

Massage and toss all ingredients together. Let rest in the refrigerator for 20 mins. 
Serve it up as a side at any BBQ!

A head of green cabbage
Photo by Alison Shaw

Join Us: We’re Hiring Now

Three smiling employees at the Morning Glory Farm farmstand.

Join our team! We are hiring NOW for full-time, part-time, seasonal and year-round positions at the farmstand. Benefits and the potential for housing are available. And we promise you will eat well and work with good people.

Apply online at morninggloryfarm.com/employment.

Big Plant Sale: 35% Off Farm-Grown Edibles for Your Garden

Eggplant plants with purple blossoms, green leaves in pots

It’s not too late to plant a productive vegetable and herb garden this summer! We have well-grown seedlings and larger plants ready to go right into your soil. Many have flowers and fruit already and they’re all raring to go.

Right now, we’re offering our farm-grown vegetable and herb plants at 35% off: strong, blooming eggplants, tall lusty tomatoes, budding watermelons and squash and much more. Find them all on the lawn in front of the farmstand and start making your summer produce garden dreams a reality.

Squash and watermelon seedlings from the greenhouse.

This sale is only on the produce plants we’ve raised ourselves — flowers and bags of soil are not included in the discount.

Moglo Card Specials Through July 22

Our own popcorn, by the cob!

Enjoy the old-fashioned fun of farm-dried popcorn, grown here on the Vineyard. You can pop it right on the rustic cob, or remove the kernels first — a cool hands-on activity for kids (or anyone who feels like getting tactile).
75 cents a cob with your loyalty card (regularly $1), while supplies last.

Harbison Cheese from Jasper Hill Creamery in Vermont

This soft-ripened treasure is wrapped in a bloomy rind with a ring of spruce cambium (inner bark) from the Jasper Hill woods. Aged between six and 13 weeks, it’s an indulgence to share with friends. Harbison pairs well with mostarda and fig spreads, spooned or dipped onto crispy crackers and apple slices.
9 oz. wheel, $18.95 with your loyalty card (regularly $21.95).

Ines Rosales All-Natural Sweet Olive Oil Tortas

Snack like a Spaniard with these light and crispy crackers, a favorite across the Iberian Peninsula for more than a century. Handmade in Andalusia with all-natural ingredients, they’re a treat at any time of day — with coffee, tea, wine or what have you. Choose from original anise flavor, orange and rosemary-thyme, and keep an eye out for the new mini-torta size — we’re hoping to get at least a few packages in our next shipment.
Regular size $6.75 with your card (regularly $7.50).
Mini tortas $3.75 with your card (regularly $4.95)
while supplies last.

Coffee of the Month: Fair Trade Certified Island Madness

Caramel with a trace of vanilla enlivens this month’s coffee special, roasted for us by Mill City Roasting Company in New Hampshire.
$1 a cup/$9.95 a bag with your loyalty card in July!

It’s allium abundance!

Don’t forget that your Moglo loyalty card also entitles you to 10% off all produce at the farmstand, where alliums are coming into season. Currently, we are harvesting all our garlic and our Bridger onions. Just take a look at these gorgeous garlic bulbs, shot in the field by our head farmer Ryan Hassell:

Looking ahead, we expect to begin harvesting our Stuttgarter onions soon, followed by our Valencia and red Rossa di Milano onions. Come on in and see what else is fresh, or visit our booth at the West Tisbury Farmers Market, Saturday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Have You Tried Our Latest Loyalty Card Specials?

meshacket bbq sauce
Me-“Shack”-It BBQ Sauce from our kitchen

Welcome to another set of Morning Glory Farm Loyalty Card specials. Every two weeks all season long, we’re highlighting a group of products we believe in, and offering special prices for loyalty card members. (This is in addition to our ongoing card member benefits of 10% off all produce, all the time, and lowered prices on our coffee of the month.) Here’s the latest crop, in effect through July 8:

Me-“Shack”-It BBQ Sauce
Douglas in our farm kitchen blends this sweet-savory sauce for you using a mix of fresh veggies — charred onion, roasted garlic and roasted poblano pepper — with ketchup, cider vinegar, fish sauce, Worcestershire, sambal oelek and spices. It’s just the thing for summer cookouts!
$4 with your loyalty card (regularly $5.95).

Green Circle chicken logo
D’Artagnan and Green Circle chicken — humanely, sustainably produced

D’Artagnan and Green Circle Chicken
Our farm kitchen uses D’Artagnan chicken products because they’re as humanely and sustainably raised as we can get, with unmatched flavor. Green Circle is D’Artagnan’s higher-welfare line of meat from chickens raised free-range, certified humane by Humane Farm Animal Care and recognized by the ASPCA in their “Shop With Your Heart” list for meaningful animal welfare standards. We’re pleased to offer these products at the farmstand for
$.50 off per pound with your loyalty card.

It really is “Clucking Awesome!”

Ocean State Pepper Co. “Clucking Awesome” Poultry Seasoning
Freshly blended in Rhode Island*, this brightly-flavored mixture is just what’s needed to elevate your chicken dishes with the taste of summer. Sumac, thyme and oregano hold down the bottom, balanced by notes of citrus, lavender and sesame and spiked with a trace of fireworks from scorpion pepper. Throw out that faded old poultry blend still lingering in the pantry from last summer, and open a fresh jar of Clucking Awesome to flavor your D’Artagnan wings and drumsticks for the Fourth of July.
$6 with your loyalty card (regularly $8.25).

*The Ocean State is also the Chicken State: Adamsville, R.I. is the site of a handsome 1925 monument to the Rhode Island Red chicken. Is that cool? We think so.

Specials are good through July 8, and card members get 10% off produce every day! Apply here

First Peas: Mr. Ganz Wins Again

Robert Ganz is back on top again! After winning our First Peas to the Table contest in 2019, he was bested last year by then-11-year-old Reed Cabot, who was first to bring us a measured cup of fresh peas from her garden.

Now, at age 95, and blind, Mr. Ganz has captured the 2021 crown and sash, along with a gift card to the farmstand and a tasty dish prepared with his homegrown peas. Mr. Ganz raises vegetables with the assistance of his daughter, Claire, who helps him get around the garden safely. Watch for more of their crops at the Ag Fair in August!

Introducing: Farm Share Bushels at the Farmers Market

The best of what’s in season at the farm, in a stout bushel basket you may keep or redeem.

The West Tisbury Farmers Market opens Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Agricultural Society on Panhandle Road. We’ll be there! And this season, along with our regular produce offerings, we’ll also have a limited quantity of Farm Share Bushels: curated collections of our freshest produce, available by advance order only.

Please place your order at morninggloryfarm.com/order by 7 a.m. the day before the market, and we’ll have your basket of produce ready for you. It’s a stout bushel basket you may keep to re-use or redeem for $5 at our farmers market booth. (The baskets are not redeemable at the farmstand.)

Here’s some more information about the farmers market:

We look forward to seeing you in West Tisbury!

Loyalty Card Specials June 11-June 23

Yolélé Fonio Chips
Crispy, savory, gluten-free and potato-free, Yolélé chips are made with fonio, a nutty-flavored variety of millet grown in West Africa. Available in four flavors, they also contain vitamin-rich cassava, sea salt and exotic ingredients such as dawadawa (in the Afro-Funk flavor) and baobab (in Greens!).
$5 with your loyalty card (regularly $6.95).

Granforno Grissini (Italian bread sticks)
Smith’s Country Cheeses Gouda Spreads
Light, crunchy grissini are an Italian classic that translates beautifully to American snacking. Present them elegantly in a glass at the table, or munch them right out of the box! Imported from Italy, Granforno’s Garlic, Sesame and Torino flavors are on special for $2.75 a box (normally $3.50) with your loyalty card.

We recommend pairing your chips and breadsticks with a creamy gouda dip from Smith’s Country Cheeses in the rural Western Massachusetts town of Winchendon. Among our most popular cheeses, these aged gouda spreads are on sale in three flavors — Onion & Chive, Garlic and Fiesta — for $4.95 with your card (regularly $7).

Spindrift Sparkling Waters
Need we say more? Flavored with real fruit, these light and refreshing sparklers are on special for $1.75 a can or, in an even sweeter deal, 8 cans for $10 (regularly $13.95) with your card.

Coffee of the Month: Morning Glory Farm Fair Trade Mudslide from Java Tree
Chocolatey goodness! Inspired by the popular mixed drink, Mudslide smells and tastes like an indulgent treat — and you deserve it. Make some extra-strong for iced coffee, or just pick up a cup at the farmstand.
$1/cup, $9.95/bag (regularly $12.95) with your card in June.

Bring your Morning Glory Farm loyalty card to the farmstand to save on these specials along with everyday card member deals — including
10% off ALL produce.

Apply for the card here — it’s free.

Strawberry Celebration and Story Quest This Weekend

Our annual Strawberry Festival is looking a little different since Covid came to town — but we’re still planning a sweet celebration of early summer’s favorite fruit. As always, our strawberry events are family-friendly, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a kid to enjoy them!

On Saturday, June 12 from 10 a.m. to noon, our Strawberry Princess will host baby animals and live string band music by the Flying Elbows at the farmstand, where we will also be offering Chef Augustus’s special green salad dressed with housemade strawberry vinaigrette — using strawberries from our fields, of course. And don’t miss your chance at our fabulous raffles, with prizes including an hour to pick your own strawberries with up to four friends; a custom-made strawberry cheesecake; and a Moglo gift card. We’ll draw the winners Monday.

The Strawberry Princess is a Morning Glory Farm tradition.

Meanwhile, across Meshacket Road in our Sherman Field, we’ll also be also bringing back last year’s smashingly successful Strawberry Shortcake Drive-Through. Cruise past the crops to place your order and pick up our classic shortcakes as well as Natalie’s strawberry lemonade and Spindrift strawberry soda, all to go. (Please bring cash to take part in this “unplugged” event.)

p. 164
Strawberry Shortcake photo by Alison Shaw

Along with Saturday morning’s celebration at the farm, we are grateful to collaborate with the Edgartown Library and Board of Trade this weekend for a Strawberry Quest story walk that continues the fun downtown.

Start at the library by picking up the Quest Clues sheet, then follow the rhyming clues that will take you all the way to Edgartown Harbor. The first 50 families or individuals to bring us their completed quest forms before Sunday at 4 p.m. will receive a free potted strawberry plant from our greenhouse!

See you at the Strawberry Celebration!