Loyalty Card Specials May 14-May 26

Aqua Vitea Kombucha from Burlington, Vt.
16-oz. bottles, $5.95 (regularly $6.95)
12-oz. cans, $3.00 (regularly $3.50)

Kombucha is a drink made from tea, water and sugar fermented with a live culture of bacteria and yeast, similar to mother of vinegar. Originating in Manchuria more than 2,000 years ago, kombucha may take its name from the physician Kombu, who is said to have brought the beverage to Japan in the fifth century C.E. In modern times, its slight effervescence and bounty of enzymes and probiotics have made it a popular health drink.

We think Aqua Vitea makes some of the best kombucha you can get, and we’re pleased to offer it on special at the farmstand.

Five Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed cheese from Goshen, N.Y.
$19.95/lb. (regularly $24.95)

Made with raw milk from grass-fed cows, this delectable cheese was aged for 12 months in the 5 Spoke cave to bring out the full bloom of its rich flavor. It pairs well with figs, as in Divina’s spreads:

Divina spreads: Fig, Chili Fig, Sour Cherry, Green Olive and NEW Orange Fig
$4.95 (regularly $6.25)

A farmstand favorite, these Mediterranean-style spreads are the perfect cheese plate enhancement.

And don’t forget the crackers: Mariner Crackers from Hingham, Mass., in all flavors
$3.95 (regularly $6.50)

Mariner makes our go-to cracker — crisp, tasty and sturdy enough to stand up to cheeses and spreads.

Still feeling hungry? Try 19th Hole Snack Mix: Honey Roast Sesame Chips, Honey Roast Peanuts, Cajun Corn Sticks, Oriental Rice Crackers, Almonds & Wasabi Peas
$6.95/lb., regularly $8.95/lb.

Full of satisfying crunches, sweet-meets-hot flavors and the protein boost of nuts, this mix is a real pick-me-up.

Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee from Java Tree in Vermont

$1 a cup, $11.95 a bag (12 oz., ground, regularly $14.95)

Bring your Moglo card to the farmstand to save on these and more exclusive specials, including 10% off all produce, all the time. The card is free!

The Coffee You Love, $1 with the Card!

For many of our customers, a trip to Morning Glory Farm includes a hot or iced coffee from the farmstand, as part of a brisk walk or bike ride or on the way to work. Here’s where that satisfying brew comes from:

We’ve been working with Java Tree, a family-owned coffee roaster in Manchester, N.H., for about as long as we and our coffee customers can remember. Their Colombian coffees are what we offer hot and iced at the farmstand, and we also sell them by the bag.

During the month of May, we’re offering Java Tree’s Fair Trade Cinnamon Vanilla flavored coffees to our Morning Glory Farm loyalty card customers for just $1 a cup, $11.95 a bag (12 oz., ground, regularly $14.95).

Bring your loyalty card to save throughout the farmstand, where all produce is always 10% off with the card! Through May 13, your card will also save you money on Al Dente’s pastas, Natalie’s margarita mix, Zack’s Mighty Tortilla Chips and two kinds of salsa. All the details are here.

Organic Certification Begins for Morning Glory Farm

An aerial view of Morning Glory before we built the vegetable barn behind the farmstand, where the herb ring appears in this photo.

After decades of practicing environment-friendly agriculture, Morning Glory Farm has finally begun the process of seeking organic certification.

“We’re starting our record-keeping process right now,” said the farm’s post-harvest and distribution manager, Casey Mazer-Kelly, who is charged with shepherding Morning Glory through the many steps required to become a certified organic producer.

It takes three years of careful documentation to meet the certification standards, Casey said. Every aspect of farm operations is covered.

“It starts in the greenhouse, with the seeds we buy, the amendments we use and even the materials we use in the greenhouses, all the way to the pest traps we use to keep the critters away,” she said. Harvesting methods are also regulated.

Much work was required before the process could begin. “We had to do a lot of farm maps, provide information about soil and compost, provide certification from the horse farms that drop off manure … ”

The list is long, Casey said, but in many cases the farm already has been following the best practices required for organic growing: no chemicals on nearly all our crops, hedgerows between fields and not planting on hillsides, for instance.

Now that the preliminary work is completed, Casey can focus on the ongoing documentation for Baystate Organic Certifiers of Dighton, the U.S. Department of Agriculture-approved certifying agency for our area.

Casey and Simon, in the office.

 “The next year should be a lot easier for the certification process,” she said

UPDATED: Card Specials Expiring May 13

Al Dente pastas in a rainbow of flavors:

A family business in Ann Arbor, Mich., Al Dente Pasta has for 40 years been producing pastas that cook in just three minutes and are full of fresh flavors. Try any or all of them for just $5 with your card — regularly $5.95 to $7.95.

Margarita Mix from Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

This is the freshest margarita mix you can buy! Marygrace Sexton founded Natalie’s in Florida more than 30 years ago, making natural citrus juices fresh from the groves. Natalie’s has branched out over the years, adding vegetable juices and blends like this handcrafted margarita mix. It has only three ingredients — water, fresh limes and Florida pure cane sugar — and mixes beautifully with hard and soft beverages alike. Try it with Spindrift Lime Sparkling Water for a nonalcoholic delight! 
Special for Card Holders $5.00 (64 oz.) Regularly $7.95.

Salsas from Number 9 and Tito’s, in Mild, Medium and Hot

We can’t decide which of these two regionally-made salsas we like best. Both shine with fresh flavors and use citrus instead of vinegar. Chunky-style Number 9, from family-owned Paino Organics in Concord, Mass., has nine healthy vegetables — including three kinds of peppers. Rhode Island-made Tito’s has just eight ingredients in its salsa, including lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Both brands come in three heat levels.
Special for Card Holders $5.00 (16 oz.) Regularly $7.50.
Add a bag of Zack’s Tortilla Chips (below) and save more than $4 on the combo!

Zach’s Mighty Organic Tortilla Chips, made with heirloom flint corn

Truly mighty!

These are the chips you’ve been looking for — true tortilla chips, cut from round corn tortillas made with a mix of organic dent corn (the usual corn chip grain) and rich-flavored organic flint corn, an heirloom crop from the Northeast. They’re sturdy enough to stand up to nachos and guac, tasty enough to eat on their own, and they pack a satisfying crunch. Bonus: The bag is fun. We think these will be the chips of Summer 2021.
Special for Card Holders $5.00 (9 oz.) Regularly $7.95

We’re also introducing May’s coffee of the month: Vanilla Cinnamon from Java Tree, our longtime coffee partner in Manchester, N.H., is just $1 a cup for card members all month long.

Bring your Morning Glory Farm loyalty card (or key tag) to the farmstand to enjoy these specials as well as ongoing benefits that include 10% off all produce every day. Try our fresh farm spring onions, or organic black radishes from Red Fire Farm in western Massachusetts. We source the best for you, with the help of What Cheer Fruit and Produce, a company that connects small organic farms with retailers like us.

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Behind the Mask: Meet Ally Ferland

Assistant manager Ally Ferland at the farmstand in April, 2021

Ally (Alexandra) Ferland joined Morning Glory Farm on the brink of summer 2020, and this year was promoted to second in command to farmstand manager Suzy Crowley.

“I love everything about the job,” says Ally, who grew up in Edgartown and attended Island schools before earning a bachelor’s degree in natural resource conservation at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

And when she says “everything,” she means it. Making coffee, unloading delivery trucks, working the register, guiding customers — you’ll see Ally all over the farmstand in the course of a typical day, doing “anything and everything where I can help and assist.”

After working both off and on the Island, Ally was looking for something new when she saw our help-wanted ad last spring and decided to give Morning Glory a chance.

“It’s so community driven here, which I feel is so rare nowadays,” she says. “Everyone’s goal is to build up the community and support one another.”

Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ally says, it’s meaningful to her to work in an environment that’s focused around wholesome eating.

“Getting to work in such a healthy environment is nice,” she says. “And I love working with such a fun group of people.”

Ally has signed up for Morning Glory’s CSA farm share and is looking forward to a summer of cooking, paddle boarding and beach trips with her pooch, when she’s not helping the farmstand run smoothly.

“Every day is something different,” she says with a smile.

Meet Chef Augustus Paquette-Whall

Meet Chef Augustus Paquette-Whall

New for 2021: Flower, Bread AND Veggie CSA

Now you can sign up for weekly shares from our flower farm and bakery as well as the produce fields! Visit shop.morninggloryfarm.com to see all your options, from single-variety flower bouquets to fresh, sliced bread and bakery treats, starting at as little as $7.50 a week.

Save the Date: April 1

We’re not joking around: The farmstand is reopening April 1, 2021 at 9 a.m. We will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and closed on Easter Sunday.

Post-Easter hours are still in the works and we’ll update all our media as soon as we finalize the schedule.

Don’t forget to bring your Morning Glory Farm loyalty card to save 10% off ALL the produce we sell, including our own farm-grown. No Moglo Card? Apply here (it’s free) »».

Happy Spring !

We can’t wait to see you.

It’s Pop-Up Suppertime Again!

Friday, Jan. 15, we are serving another family-stye meal to go:

  • Cottage pie with grass-fed beef and fresh veggies, topped with garlic mashed potatoes
  • A bountiful salad of fresh Moglo cabbage, carrots and roasted beets with marinated chickpeas in a citrus vinaigrette (not pictured)
  • 1 liter of housemade orange splash seltzer, infused with rosemary
  • Strawberry shortcake from our famous recipe (photo by Alison Shaw)

Each meal serves 4 to 6 people. Quantities are limited — order now at morninggloryfarm.com/order.

This is our last pop-up supper of the 2020-2021 season. In February, March and April the farmstand will be closed, though we will be hard at work getting ready to open again for spring!

Please watch your email, our social media and this website for updates, and thank you for your support and patience throughout the most unusual year we’ve all had.