Corn broth is a great way to use leftover parts of plants. Reserve corn cobs and vegetable trimmings for this flavorful liquid that you can keep in the fridge to use in dishes that call for water or vegetable broth.

1. Combine 4 corn cobs, skins from 1 lb. onions, leaves and ends from 2 ribs celery and greens from 1 leek, or a similar amount of other trimmings, and roast them until they begin to brown, 18-20 minutes.
2. In a 6-quart sauce pan over medium-high heat, combine 3 quarts of water, the roasted vegetable trimmings, bay leaf and any herb stems and ends.
3. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium.
4. Cook 30 minutes, strain and set aside.

This broth is called for in our Corn Chowder and Corn and Mushroom Risotto recipes.

From our cookbook Morning Glory‚Äôs Farm Food: Stories from the Fields, Recipes from the Kitchen.