Did you enjoy the Flying Elbows fiddle band at this year’s Pumpkin Festival? Guitarist and farm friend Tom Hodgson has kindly shared the entire list of songs they played:

  1. Birdie
  2. Liberty off the Corn Liquor Still
  3. Indian Ate a Woodchuck
  4. Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
  5. Farewell to Trion
  6. High Dad in the Morning
  7. Rock the Cradle Joe
  8. Denver Belle
  9. Corner Post
  10. Flatfooted Henry
  11. Hector and Octo tune (High Ball) into Hawks and Eagles
  12. Curvy Road to Corinth
  13. Waltz: Little Brown Island in the Sea
  14. Blarney Pilgrim
  15. Half Past Four
  16. Dirty Dog
  17. Nine Days in Bethel
  18. Billy Wilson
  19. Whoa Mule
  20. Blue Eyed Gal
  21. Charleston Girls
  22. Jug Band Music
  23. King Tut
  24. Ashokan Farewell