This is the tractor that switched wheels with the Ford 4600 in 2004. We bought it as a loader with a bucket for $10,000 from John Olsen of Huseby Mountain Farm in West Tisbury. 

Ford 5610 tractor in snow with geese

Photo by Alison Shaw

Model 5610
Brand Ford
Engine 4.2L 4-cylinder
Fuel diesel
Year 1984
HP62 PTO, 53 Drawbar

The loader is a bit clunky, so we removed it in 2015, and we replaced it with new tractor parts. To make up for the loss of that front-end weight, Dan attached a very heavy old well pump to the front that keeps the front wheels on the ground when the tractor is pulling heavy equipment. 

Our preferred fertilizer spreading tractor, the 5610 is very similar to the 5600 in how we use it. But it’s never steered as well and has a noticeable whine running on full. We converted the original underslung exhaust to a hood exhaust, so people riding the transplanter behind wouldn’t choke on the fumes all day.

Ford 5610 tractor

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