The farmstand crew in July. We’ll be picking corn for many weeks to come!

Is your summer job ending soon? Stay on the Vineyard and work at Morning Glory Farm. Late summer and autumn are the best time at the farm: the crops are bountiful, the customers are relaxed and the weather is generally gorgeous. Our well-trained crews will make you welcome!

Outstanding in their field: The onion crew (from a few years back).

We’re open until late December and we’re hiring now in three areas:

  • Field, harvesting summer’s bounty and the fall crops to come
  • Farmstand, with mostly Island customers after August
  • Kitchen & Bakery, turning out delicious fresh foods every day
All our farm food is made from scratch with high-quality ingredients.

Some housing may be available. Apply online:

To find out what past employees say about working here, visit our Employee Testimonial page.