Vegetables at the farmstand

Photo by Alison Shaw

More than 120 customers responded to our questionnaire about home delivery, nearly all of them enthusiastically. Thank you, everyone! We appreciate your comments, including:

  • “I will do anything to avoid driving down-island in the summer.”
  • “Love love the idea!”
  • “When summer is in full swing we get frustrated with the crowds and would love a delivery service.”
  • “I think this is a great idea and once you start people will love it.”
  • “Must include pies.”

Well, all righty then: We’re sold on home delivery. But after going deeply into the details at an all-hands Athearn family farm meeting, we reluctantly came to the conclusion that it’s going to take us another season to build the capacity to provide this service successfully.

Our current facility just is not large enough to handle the demand for home delivery — but that’s changing: We’re building a new, larger vegetable barn where produce from the fields will be washed and refrigerated before it is packed for sale or delivery. This will enable us to increase our productivity and free the space we’ll need to set up home delivery orders.

You’ll see the new barn going up along the Edgartown-West Tisbury Road this year. It replaces our 1988 barn behind the farmstand and meets all the latest federal mandates on food safety for farms.

Behind the scenes, we’re also tightening up our inventory system to make sure we know exactly what’s in stock at any given time, so customers can order with confidence.

And we’ll continue to ask you: What other kinds of services you would like to see at Morning Glory Farm. For instance, does an express line or self-checkout appeal to you? Please let us know by dropping a note in our Suggestion Box.

Thanks again for taking the time to let us know how we can serve you better.