We are grateful to Elana Carlson from Fantzye Bagels for this wonderful hot pepper recipe, in her own words:

My mom, Lynn, now retired nearby on Cape Cod, has been making this recipe with two of her friends for over ten years now. She grows the sweet and hot peppers and makes a day out of the production, making batch after batch. 

The Fantzye team got to enjoy it over the last winter and were bummed when the seemingly endless supply ran out. To make up for it, Lynn came over for the day this week to give us a lesson in all things “HPJ”.

The dynamic duo in Elena’s kitchen

HPJ is good served with any mild cheese; Mermaid fromage, brie (even baked!), cheddar, even (especially!) whipped into cream cheese.

As far as jelly-ing goes, this recipe is fairly straightforward and quick, due to the liquid pectin’s assistance in the gelling process.

The recipe calls for jalapeños, but we used a mix of Morning Glory hot peppers: jalapeños, Serranos, cherry bombs and Anaheim chiles. The type of chiles and amount of seeds left in is at your discretion based on desired heat levels. And don’t be alarmed by the amount of sugar in the recipe! The end product is not overly sweet.

Hot Pepper Jelly 

Recipe adapted from Buffet on the Bayou, Houston Junior Forum ‘93

6 1/2 cups sugar 

1 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar 

3/4 cup mixed hot peppers

2 cups sweet or bell peppers

6 ounces liquid pectin (aka Certo)

De-stem and de-seed sweet peppers and half of the hot peppers (we want this to have some heat!). Be sure to wear gloves when handling.  

Process peppers in a food processor or chop by hand.  The sweet peppers will release more moisture, no need to strain but avoid adding all of this to the jam, 

Combine all ingredients, except pectin, in a medium stock pot or dutch oven and bring to a boil. 

Remove from heat and let cool for twenty minutes, stirring occasionally. 

Return to heat and bring to a rolling boil for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and stir for 3 minutes. Add pectin and stir to combine. 

Fill jars or other containers, if canning, be sure to wipe the top with a clean, damp cloth.

If you are comfortable with water canning, then take it from here.  If not, here is a great resource. If you’re still not comfortable, refrigerate after the jelly has cooled. 

Pro-tip: flip jars upside down after canning or sealing jars so peppers disperse more evenly.