We never told you how easy it is to make hot sauce at home

Customers have been asking us for the bottled MGF hot pepper sauce we’ve offered in previous years. As we’ve grown our farm kitchen and CSA programs, more of our produce is reaching customers in its fresh or freshly-cooked forms these days, rather than in shelf-stable preparations.

But you know what we never told you? It’s not at all hard to make hot pepper sauce at home, using fresh Moglo peppers just the way we do.

baskets of hot peppers

You don’t even need special canning equipment or know-how to make a tasty fermented hot pepper sauce, following this simple recipe. Just whip it up, keep it in the fridge and enjoy the fresh flavor of a sauce custom-made to your preferred heat level.

We’re offering our hot peppers — along with one variety that looks hot, but isn’t — for $6.95 a pound to Moglo loyalty card members. That’s a savings of $1 to $3 per pound on MGF cherry bombs, serranos, jalapeños, cayennes, habaneros and habanadas, which come from a sweet variety of habanero with all the intense citrus flavor and none of the heat of its spicy cousin.

Habanadas have all the flavor and none of the heat

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