Blueberry pies in the Morning Glory Farm bakery.

Blueberry pies in the bakery.

Are you looking for pies? We bake a lot of them at the farm—hundreds a day, in the summertime. You can find our pies at the front of the farmstand, with the breads. Just turn right as you enter, past the old iron stove. Or you can place an advance order using the form below.

  • Many pies are available first thing in the morning, and in peak season they also come out in the early afternoon.
  • The Daily Specials menu lists the pies available each day.
  • You may contact us at 508-627-9003, extension 0, to reserve pies that we have in stock. We will hold them until half an hour before we close.
  • Pies for weddings and parties need at least a week’s advance notice and can be ordered on a separate form found here
  • Our farmstand pies are finished with a crumble crust on top. We offer a double-crust option for pre-ordered pies: