jesse iskra with strawberry jam

Hi There,

If your reading this, it is probably because you enjoy the jams and jellies that grace our wonderful farm stand.  I do too, I’m Jesse Iskra, often seen through the bakery window, and I’m the guy that makes many of these tasty products.  A farm fresh corn muffin, split, toasted,  and smothered with fresh raspberry jam – ah the satisfaction (my personal favorite)!  Though the times, they do change.  People are much more concerned with what they eat these days, rightly so, we are what we eat.  For the past year Simon and I have been researching a more health conscious product.  Today, you get to taste the literal fruit of my labors.

Have you ever wondered why jam and jelly is so sweet?  If you look at a jar of jam, you will note that the fruit seems to float in a pretty clear jelly.  This is achieved through liquefying sugar into the fruit juice.  Jelly is the same, minus the fruit pulp.  How much sugar?  A fair bit!  Before, the fruit to sugar ratio leaned in favor of the sugar.  Now I am using Pomona’s Pectin (not Certo).  Rather than a pectin that relies on sugar to jell, Pomona’s uses the fruits calcium to gel.  This swings the ratio back towards the part of the jam or jelly you want to taste – The FRUIT!

Now the jar you hold today is sweetened a little, but only for the sweet taste you desire on a morning muffin or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The taste of the fruit will speak for itself.  In the future I will be testing other natural sweeteners: maple syrup, honey and agave nectar, and feel free to make requests for others – your critiques and suggestions are valued and heard.  Please comment to a baker in the store or here on the blog.

I hope you enjoy eating these delectable and wholesome products as much as I do making them for you – are valued customer.