Over the weekend and early this week the masons have been working feverishly to complete the concrete forms so they can pour the concrete before the cold spell hits on Friday, let hope they can.  Anthony Bartok  and his team from Fair and Square Concrete have really been earning their meals down in the hole.  I was pleased to see such an all Island boy crew working the forms; Anthony Bartok, Dylan Estrella, Greg Belcher,  and Damien  Childs were all pounding away on the forms.  It is a 12 foot high foundation wall that should leave us with an ample 10 feet of head room in the finished area.

Complications to the foundation are many but being over come, the ‘sugarly’ sand that makes up our subsoil crumbles easy and with the freeze thaw and that heavy rain the pit is collapsing a bit.   The new floor will be about 4 feet lower than the floor it abuts so a retaining and support wall must be built.   The walk-in cooler area needs floor insulation and additional supports.  The large fir posts that will hold the new store up need a concrete footing created underneath the existing basement floor.   The biggest threat to the foundation is that the only concrete company on the island is unable to pour on Thursday when we are ready; and on Friday we expect it to be too cold and stay that way for a while.  Fair and Square are trying hard to get a pour in on Wednesday to beat the anticipated cold, wish us luck!

before the dig

This is the morning before DECA began to dig the foundation, you can see the existing ‘middle room basement’  and the corn/salad bar room.

daniel athearn on the saw

Daniel Athearn cutting up the wood from the trees that were removed.

Pitch pine used as flooring

Here Daniel felled a rather large Pitch Pine in the area the #3 greenhouse will be moved to (to make more parking up front).
We sent the largest parts of the trunk out to Katama and Tom Turner’s sawmill (yes the fisherman Tom is also a sawyer) where it will be cut into flooring for the new store.
Tom has been cutting pitch pine for us to lay on the floor but he also has been cutting white pine out of the State Forest to use as our roof, ceiling, and walls.
Tom works with the state on selective cutting, and we very much like his finished products and have been building with them for years.

tomato geenhouse firewood

The wood that was too small for the sawmill gets seasoned and will be used in 2011 as fuel to heat our tomato greenhouse in the early spring.
We find it easy enough to find oddball cuttings from around the farm, clearing field edges etc to get plenty of wood to keep a fire going in each of the two tomato greenhouses.  This will add to that supply, and by the way a off season greenhouse is a great way to dry and season firewood!

morning glory farm new store

Just finishing the excavation and the masons are digging footings for the foundation walls.

fair and square laying footings

Here the masons are pouring the footings, pretty sandy soil eh?

Forms going into place

These guys work fast!  The footings are in and the re-rod is being lattice worked together and form being erected around it, soon we will fill up the forms with concrete.

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