Peaches from Carlson Orchards in Harvard, Mass.

We’ve been buying from Carlson Orchards pretty much since we opened the farmstand in the early 1980s. Located in Harvard, Mass., the Carlsons have been growing fruit since the 1930s! They really know their apples, not to mention the delectable peaches and nectarines we now have in stock.

White nectarines from Carlson Orchards

The apple harvest is just beginning at Carlson this year, and we have some wonderful early varieties including crisp Paula Red and tasty Ginger Gold. More apples are on the way!

Paula Red apples from Carlson
Ginger Gold apples from Carlson

Carlson Orchards fruits and all of the produce we sell, whether grown on our farm or carefully sourced from another, are always 10% off the the Morning Glory Farm loyalty card.

The Carlsons also make outstanding applesauce, cider and eggnog, all of which you’ll find at the farmstand in season.