A journalist by trade, Louisa works with Simon and other managers to edit the morninggloryfarm.com website, write the farm blog and publish our email newsletters. She also takes photos, makes videos and helps manage the farm’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Louisa lives in Edgartown year-round and is in her fourth year at Morning Glory, after starting as cheesemonger in early 2016. In addition to her work for the farm, she is a reporter for the Vineyard Gazette.

Photo of Louisa Hufstader with a microphone

Circa 2005 at Napa Valley College. Photo by Betty Malmgren

Earlier in life, Louisa was a well-known jazz radio host on several Boston-area FM stations and worked for then-independent Rounder Records Group, where she produced more than 100 music compilations. From 2000 to 2013, she worked in Napa, California as a print journalist, radio news director and website publisher, before moving back to Martha’s Vineyard where she lives with her mother in their home of more than 50 years.