Meg writes,

I’m a Jersey girl that landed on the farm after college. In my early 20s I fell in love with the farm life, and the farm boy that had been my good friend for years. I loved being outside, harvesting, sweating, laughing and working hard. I loved going home dirty and sore.  

Although I grew up in a very suburban setting, the country and farm life quickly felt very natural to me. I like to believe that farming is in my blood from my deep Irish roots.  The work is never done, but there is always tomorrow for new growth and new opportunity. Crops fail and we begin again.

As I am now enjoying my last year of the great 30’s, I feel so blessed to be a part of the Morning Glory family. Our three children are getting to experience agriculture first hand, and are starting to become actively involved in the day-to-day chores of farm life. 

Growing food and helping raise local meat is certainly rewarding and meaningful. But being able to share this food with our Island and the greater world is the real gem. In addition to farming and working in the store, I am deeply committed to enhancing our food access and food equity programs at Morning Glory. We participate in several programs, and are committed to keep sharing the bounty.”