Morning glory bakery crew 2009

Hi folks,

My name is Sarah and I’m the newest addition to the Morning Glory bakery. Since June I’ve been working with the bakery team to make the freshest muffins, breads, cookies, bars, quiche, jam, and pies for you and your family to enjoy seven days a week. I came to the farm from Boston, where I’ve worked for the past few years at Harvard University. I escaped my editorial job at the Ivory Tower to do something that’s closer to my heart–and stomach. A love of baking passed down to me from my grandmother and a love of small farms cultivated during my childhood in rural New Hampshire motivated me to ditch my office digs and put on my baking shoes. And I’m sure glad I did. Although I’ve only been here a month, I already feel like part of the Morning Glory farm family (or farmily, as I like to call it).

Enough about me, let’s talk about what we’re up to in the bakery…

The zucchini is rolling in (and rolling in and rolling in) thanks to our dedicated field crew, and we’re turning the green goddesses into moist and delicious zucchini bread and muffins. Every day we make close to 100 loaves of zucchini bread, which fly off the shelf! Make sure to stop in and enjoy your share of the bounty.

Strawberry season is nearing an end, but Jesse the jam master has packaged the sweetness for you to savor for months to come. Farm fresh strawberry jam is just one of the many flavors of jam now available in the stand. Stock up so you can enjoy the sweet taste of summer on a warm piece of toast in January, or as soon as you get home!

Many people ask me what a typical day looks like in the bakery, so I thought I’d share a quick overview for all of you who are curious. The day starts early, or late, depending on how you look at it. Long before dawn the kitchen is buzzing with our bread bakers, Dwight and Adnan, hard at work. As the roosters begin to wake, so does Heather our muffin baker to make sure the muffins are out of the oven and ready for you to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee when the farm stand opens at 9:00. By 7:30 the rest of the bakers, led by Jody the bakery manager, have arrived to begin making our famous monkey bars, jam bars, cobblers, coffeecakes, and cookies (the big soft gingersnaps are my favorite).

As soon as those are in the oven, we move on to quiche. Veggie, mushroom scallion, ham, farm sausage with peppers and onion, and tomato basil are just some of the kinds we make. After quiche we begin the pie production, and a production it is. Currently we’re making apple, blueberry, blueberry/strawberry, blueberry/peach, strawberry/peach, and peach. All of the pie dough is made from scratch and the fruit filling is mixed fresh every day. Pies hit the stand at 2:00pm, and there is often a line of people waiting to take one home. As soon as our production is finished we prep ingredients and make sure the kitchen is spic and span for another day of baking at the farm.

Phew! Just talking about all we do makes me tuckered out. I think I’d better go rest up and save my energy for making you a fresh pie. If you ever have any questions or just want to see us in action, you can find me and the bakery crew in the back of the farm stand, just past the freshest salad bar on the Island. I hope you’ll pop in and say hello!

Laura and yankoFresh farm quiche