We feel fortunate to have “√a” on our team!

Francesca Amodio joined the Moglo farmstand staff in late April, as we prepared to open into a very different season than any before. A 2020 graduate of Fordham University, she recently moved to Edgartown full-time after years of seasonal and holiday visits.

“Morining Glory has always been a highlight trip for me,” she says. 

“After Covid ended my senior year in college, I thought, ‘Why not start working?’ — and no better place to start working than here.”

In past summers, Francesca has worked at the Harbor View Hotel and interned with event creator Nevette Previd of Farm.Field.Sea, which produces farm tours and other food-oriented activities on the Vineyard.

Francesca’s experience and can-do attitude have made her a reliable and inspiring employee, farmstand manager Suzy Crowley says.

“She’s consistently positive,” adds Suzy. And instead of initials, Francesca goes by the very cool shorthand “√a.”

Much as we value Francesca at the farmstand, we know we probably won’t be able to keep her with us beyond 2020. Her brand-new Fordham degree in economics will open new doors for her once the pandemic eases.

“This is a definite in-between period, post-college but before entering the corporate world,” she says.

But for now, we’re very grateful to have Francesca on our team through the fall, and we’re always glad to see her smiling eyes above the mask.

“It’s comforting and reassuring to come to work every day, serving the most awesome people you could ever have met and working with such amazing fellow employees,” she says. 

“Plus, getting to pick in the fields after work is a huge perk!”