Pasta for the pantry — or a party

Specials for Moglo card members (through 11/30)

• San Remo Organic Pastas and Sauces, all varieties, are 15% off with your card:
Throw a pasta party or prep your pantry with organic farfalle, fusilloni, bombardoni and pipe pastas, plus bottled marinara, Fra Diavolo and vodka sauces.
Take 15% off San Remo pastas and sauces with your Moglo card
• Authentic Parmesan Reggiano from Parma, Italy is 20% off with your card:
The classic choice for your pasta dishes, this fine-grained, aged cheese grates beautifully, melts perfectly and has a nutty, salty flavor. No dairy-friendly fridge should lack a sizeable chunk!
Parmesan Reggiano — the classic Italian grating cheese with a nutty flavor all its own
• Moglo tote bags with the new sunflower logo, perfect for holiday gift-giving, are $1 off with your card:
Fill them with farmstand goodies or wrap them for stocking stuffers. They’re available with red, blue or green printing — while supplies last.
Lisa shows us the new shipment of Moglo totes
• Regular size coffee to go — any flavor — is $1 with your card.
Flaky, mouthwatering farm-baked croissant sold separately

Specials for all customers (through 11/30)

Mix, match and stock up on Mariner crackers — no card needed
• Mariner Crackers are 2 for $7 — all varieties, mix and match.
key fob tag for Morning Glory Farm loyalty card

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