Load of winter squashes

Load of winter squashes

Winter is the season of planning and brainstorming. Spring is excitement, rejuvenation, and opportunity. Summer is hectic and sweaty. And then there is fall, the end of the season, when the months of hard work have hopefully paid off and the farm crew brings in the last of the crops. A few frost-hardy vegetables hang on in the fields, including lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, turnips, carrots, and parsnips. Even pumpkin season is past, and the cows are happy to receive a good ration of old pumpkins in their daily meals.

With less and less to harvest each day in the field, the tiny field crew can focus on the projects that have been neglected all year (if not for multiple years!).

A few of the odd ball jobs we have accomplished in the last week:
–    Removal of an old barbed wire fence in a field at Right Fork. In some places, the bittersweet had wrapped itself so tightly around the wire that it was impossible to separate the entwined plant from the metal.

–    Digging out under the farmstand floor in order to put in insulation. It is a tight, dark crawl space that truly encourages the imagination.

–    Delivering pumpkins to the cows. We filled up the back of one of our farm trucks with old rotters from the lawn- It was an impressive pile. But as the truck was pulling onto the main road, the tailgate spontaneously opened and an avalanche of pumpkins came crashing onto the road, causing a four-car traffic jam. Oh boy. Luckily Jim came to the rescue just in time!

–    Splitting lots of firewood with a nifty tool that attaches to the back of the tractor. All that firewood will heat our greenhouses come spring.

–    And, of course, the usual cleaning and organizing that we finally have time for now that things are a little bit slower.

Lilly Walter;  Field Chief

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