The entire farm is bustling now, not just in Edgartown but up in West Tisbury where we have moved the flower operation to Simon and Robyn’s farm. We have three new greenhouses there for flowers and this week we began planting outside as well. We’re very excited about all the flowers we will be bringing you this spring and summer—more varieties than we’ve ever grown before!

a field of flowers at Morning Glory Farm
In 2018 we doubled our flower acreage. This year we’re growing even more.

On May 3, when we open at 8 a.m., we expect to have several early Morning Glory crops for you: arugula, microgreens and pea shoots, nettles, radishes, red kale and spinach. If you haven’t tried nettles, they are wonderful in soup or as braised greens. Yes, they’re sharp and spiny when raw and you’ll need to wear gloves when handling them, but once they hit the heat they become soft, tender and tasty.

Stinging nettles
Nettles: Handle with care, enjoy with delight.

Martha’s Vineyard has been a quiet Island this week, with schools on vacation and many families down with the flu. But Passover, Easter and Earth Day are taking place over the next few days, as signs of spring and renewal continue to sprout from the warming soil. We look forward to seeing you May 3!