As we enter the traditional season of giving, we want to remind our Island neighbors that Morning Glory Farm accepts SNAP cards for groceries, including the Healthy Incentives Program that provides $40 to $80 a month of free fruits and vegetables from local farms on top of the regular supplemental grocery benefit. SNAP is a federal program for which billions of dollars have been set aside, and we encourage everyone who is eligible to sign up through the Dukes County coordinator, Delilah Meegan.

We also participated for the first time this year in a SNAP/HIP CSA pilot. Customers eligible for SNAP could pick up a weekly basket of produce, instead of coming through the store to use their benefits. 

Four years ago, we began accepting WIC and Elder coupons at the farmers market and the store. These $2.50 coupons for young families and seniors on fixed incomes are good for purchasing Massachusetts-grown fruits and vegetables. We then stamp the coupons and send them to the state for reimbursement. This year so far, with the help of our office manager Mary Kingston, we have stamped over 150 coupons! Participating in food equity programs takes a team. 

And of course Morning Glory continues to open our fields to the Island Grown Gleaners, who have culled tens of thousands of pounds of good-eating produce over the years and turned it into meals for hungry Vineyarders.

People are on food programs for a variety of reasons and we want to do our part to increase access to healthy, wholesome, fresh nutrition.  As Jim Athearn says: “Everyone here is an invited guest.”  We want all our customers and staff to feel this and know that you are welcome at Morning Glory.

For more information about food equity on Martha’s Vineyard, and to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit Island Grown Initiative at

We also invite you to participate in our Community Groceries soup drive starting Dec. 1. Every winter, our customers help us donate hundreds of ready-to-heat soups. Watch for the banner and signs in the store. Good food is for everybody!