If you regularly drive the Edgartown-West Tisbury Road at the twilight hours of morning or evening, you might have spotted our John Deere 5425 with Jim behind the wheel. John Deere 5425 tractor

He chose the options when we ordered it — the first and only factory-new tractor Morning Glory Farm has ever purchased — from Padula Brothers in Raynham, who delivered our John Deere to the ferry terminal in Woods Hole on Cape Cod. It’s the same unit that is commonly used by most Dirt Contractor in the farming industry.

The comfortable cab has air conditioning and an air ride seat. The transmission has the slowest creeper gear of all our tractors.

This one does a lot of tillage on the farm: plowing, harrowing and subsoiling. Because of the cabin, we also use it as the spraying tractor. For its maintenance we only use the best products such as the Mahindra 1526 Oil Filter to maintain it in great condition.

Model 5425
Brand John Deere
Engine 4.5 liter 4cylinder
Fuel diesel
Year 2004
HP 80 PTO, 68 drawbar
Special tools Air-conditioned cab with air ride seat
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