morning glory potato planter
Here is a picture from a couple weeks ago when I was putting in the early red potatoes. The early variety is  Dark Red Norland that we harvest young as ‘new potatoes’.  I hope to harvest these potatoes by the last days of June. They are wonderfully tasty potatoes with a dark red skin that peels/falls off very easily and must be handled gently, but are oh so tasty. These early potatoes need no accompaniment just steam and enjoy with a little butter, olive oil or salt. I like to use a little parsley to finish them, it is a great combo and the early parsley is usually just ready by then.
This planter is  simple to operate and very reliable in spacing and fertilizer rate. We have our Ford 4600 tractor pulling it, this late 70’s tractor is not old in years but with nearly 9000hrs on the original engine, every day I am impressed with it’s strength and reliability. The green Lockwood potato planter has a new paint job and works quite well.  It spends all but about 10 hours a year safely in the barn under cover.  It opens a trench, seams fertilizer, places a highly variable rate of cut potato seed, then covers with a firm ‘hill’ of soil all in one pass. We bought this machine to replace what is really just a relic, a hand operated single row tow behind model. Jim and Debbie went up to Presque Isle Maine to buy this. Aroostook County Maine is a Potato growing region that I think is still shaking it’s fist at the great Idaho Potato marketing campaign.

This year I planted these varieties of potatoes

Dark Red Norland, Pontiac Red, Yukon Gold, Burbank Russet, Norwis white, French Fingerling, and All Blue Potatoes.