When shopping for yellow summer squash, do you reach for the straight or the crook-neck variety? Morning Glory Farm co-founder Debbie Athearn says the crook-neck is her hands-down favorite for flavor.

Crook-neck was once the norm, Debbie told farm staff at a recent morning meeting. But that was in the days before long-distance shipping of produce. The slender, nozzle-shaped crook-necks broke in transit, and so became a less desirable crop.

Science to the rescue: Plant researchers developed the straight-neck squash for easier shipping and processing. But Debbie says they bred out some of the flavor along the way.

“When you hybridize something, you lose something,” she told the group.

Want to weigh in on straight vs. crook-neck? We’ve got both varieties — plus zucchini — at the farmstand, fresh from our fields, for an at-home taste test. Try them on the grill: Just slice them longwise, marinate in your choice of dressings and grill over high heat for a few minutes, till they look good and done.

Zucchini and summer squash are great for grilling!