planting pumpkins in west tisburyEmily direct seeding pumpkins in a west tisbury field.

Hi! My name is Emily Carol and this is my second year working as a field hand at morning glory farm. Working in the fields means that I get to go to work everyday and enjoy the simple pleasure of working hard outside with wonderful people and living plants.  Here are my top 10 things that make me happy at Morning Glory Farm.
1) Enjoying a sungold tomato- Tomato plants need a lot of love to grow up into strong plants.  This summer I was involved with setting up the high tunnels (similar to a green house), pruning, and trellising the many tomato plants.  This is hard work and tomato sap is very hard to get off, but after tasting the first ripe tomato, it is all worth it.
2)Wheel hoeing- Many of the plants that are grown on the farm are planted in beds.  There are three rows per bed and the dirt between these rows is a breeding ground for unwanted weeds.  When the plants are too big for a tractor to come through, a wheel hoe is used. I really enjoy using it because I can put in my I-pod and rock out up and down the rows pushing the hoe back and forth.  Its fun, productive, and it gives you a little workout.
3)Transplanting- Some of our plants (tomatoes, broccoli, flowers…) are seeded in the greenhouse and once they begin to mature they are planted into the ground.  This is almost everyone’s favorite job because an extension is put onto a tractor that allows two people to sit on the back.  The tractor makes holes in the ground and the people on the back plant the plants as they move down the rows.
4)The smell of a carrot when it is pulled out of the ground- We grow beautiful carrots that are sweeter than any carrot I have ever tasted.  I had never seen any vegetable be pulled out of the ground before I came to morning glory, and to this day, I am still amazed each time I pull up on a green stock and vibrant orange carrot comes out.
5)Seeing the flower bunches be brought in- This always puts a smile on my face.  We have very talented flower bunchers that create the most beautiful arrangements.  A few times I have been lucky enough to help carry them in from the field and I loved sharing in the amazement and joy of the customers.
6)Talking with customers- It’s always nice to know that your hard work is appreciated.  One day after a long morning in the cucumber field I walked into the stand and I overheard someone say, “Wow look at these cucumbers”.  Another time I was walking through the parking lot and a woman came up to me and asked, “Honey, how did you get so dirty?”  She just made me smile.
7)A morning in the pea or bean field- The whole field crew will agree that there is something special about picking in this field.  It always inspires good thoughts and conversation.
8)Eating at a nice restaurant and seeing Morning Glory Farm produce on the menu- The farm whole sells produce to businesses and restaurants on the island.  When you are picking and boxing up vegetables for wholesale it’s a cool feeling to know that it is hours away from being prepared and served by talented chefs.  It also pretty cool to order the meal and to then tell the waiter that you work at Morning Glory.
9)An afternoon of haying- Haying is hard work, but it is also a lot of fun.  It involves gathering bails of hay from a field and loading trucks up into heaping towers and then organizing the bales into a barn.  You get a huge sense of accomplishment seeing the truck loaded up and then driving it.
10)My Morning Glory Farmily- The people who work at this farm are a special group of people.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have had to opportunity to work with such talented and dedicated people.  It always amazes me how well such a divers group of people mesh and work together.  The people of Morning Glory make the farm such a special place in my heart.

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