Our late 1970s Kubota tractor had to cross an ocean and a continent to get to us from its factory in Osaka.kubota L245H dan tractor It’s an offset cultivating (weeding) tractor that has never needed a new part since we bought it for $7,000. (“Offset” means the mechanics are set to one side of the tractor, so the operator can see below to the crop being cultivated.)

The Kubota is our primary single-row cultivator and the first tractor for many of our new farm hands as they learn to cultivate single-row crops such as beans, peas, broccoli and cabbage. It’s a great-running tractor that idles low very well, and its diesel engine merely sips fuel. Every time we go to fill up the tank, it’s almost full already.

Model L245
Brand International Harvester
Engine 1.1 liter 3cylinder
Fuel diesel
Year 1976-85
HP 22 PTO, 18 drawbar
Special tools belly mount sweeps (2 to 4 sweeps), a Cole side-dresser (fertilizer) unit, wheel track sweeps behind 

Kubota L245H tractor Kubota L245H tractor