caterpillarOur Caterpillar 930 articulated wheel loader may be the most versatile machine we drive here at the farm.

Although we use it chiefly to manage our compost operation, it’s nimble enough for any number of other tasks: fork work, grading the farmstand parking lot, stacking brush and serving as a standing platform for odd jobs. After our Cat 920 blew an engine, we purchased this one for $23,000 from a landscaping company that also used it to plow the parking lot of a shopping mall. It’s a great machine as well as the other things we bought alongside it like some Tillage equipment.

Model 930
Brand Caterpillar
Fuel diesel
Year 1983
HP 100, 4wd
Special tools 1-yd bucket, 14-ft snowblow, heavy duty forks
Caterpillar cat 930 tractor

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