Lia DeRisi, tireless assistant manager of the Morning Glory farmstand, is moving on to a career in early childhood education with Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. She’ll leave a big gap in our lives, but she’ll be enriching many others.

Lia joined the farm in 2013 as a farmstand worker and was quickly recognized for her experience as the buyer for a health food store on the mainland. We saw that her retail background would be of great value in helping us move forward as a farmstand, and that’s exactly how it has turned out over the past six years.

Whether choosing new products, maintaining inventory data, unloading delivery trucks or making sure customers find just what they’re looking for, Lia has been a rock of reliability for Morning Glory Farm. We will miss her expertise, her unflappability, her musical taste and that wicked sense of humor, as well as the dedication to stellar customer service that has made Lia a role model for new employees joining us every year.

A fond farewell from all of us to Lia, the Girl with the Garlic Tattoo. Lia, we wish you the best of luck and lots of happiness in your exciting new career! Anyone who can handle a corn rush in August with your calm confidence will have no trouble at all wrangling Island preschoolers. They—and their families—will be lucky to have you.

4 Comments on “A Fond Farewell to a Fearless Leader

  1. It’s been great working with you, Lia. Have a blast at MVCS.

  2. Lia I just cried a little reading this! You were the first person I met on the island when I woke up and found out you were my new roommate in my new life in 2013! So weird to see you leaving the farm. You literally were the best at everything this is so sad for the universe!

  3. Known to some of you as Lia’s “shamama,” I am and will always be forever grateful to Jim and Debbie and the entire Athearn family for giving Lia such a great start on the island as well as a place to grow her expertise as well as to support the growing of superb food! Thank you for treating her so well over the years.

  4. I’m glad you got the job, those kiddos are lucky! We will surely miss your expertise and sense of humor though.