These are approximate harvest dates for our seasonal farm produce. Please keep in mind that many yields tend to start small and increase over a period of days to weeks, depending on the weather.

Harvesting kale at Morning Glory Farm

Photo by Alison Shaw

Chard: June 10 to November

Bunched Flowers: June 10 to October

Green Onions: June 10 to July 20

Strawberries: June 10 to July 10

Garlic Scapes: June 15 to July 1

Kale: June 15 through December

Snap Peas: June 15 to August 1

Shelling Peas: June 20 to July 15

A smiling worker holds a bunch of beets at Morning Glory FarmBasil: June 20 to Oct. 10

Beets: June 20 to November

Blueberries: June 20 to November

Broccoli: June 20 to November

Cabbage: June 20 to November

Cauliflower: June 20 to November

Cucumbers: June 20 to Oct. 1

Scallions (green and red): June 20 to August 10

Summer Squash: June 20 to Oct. 1

Carrots: June 25 to November

Still harvesting:

Asparagus: till June 10

Rhubarb: till July 10

Lettuce: through December, depending on variety