“What do you do in the winter?” 110_1036 hay winter dog

It’s a fair question, and one most year-round Islanders are used to hearing. In our case, the answer is easy: We keep on farming!

Winter is a special season on a farm: time for reflection, evaluation and planning for the coming season. But there’s still work to do outside. We have something to harvest nearly all year round, and our pigs, cows and chickens never take a vacation. And, of course, many farm chores —like maintenance of our outbuildings, tractors and machines—get pushed into the slower winter months. While sailors ashore “make and mend,” farmers repair and refurbish. ethan screws down ridge cap

Meanwhile, the 2019 planting season is already right around the corner. We’re ordering seeds, hiring employees, picking the dates for our seasonal festivals and attending lots of farming conferences off-Island — always thinking about all the ways we can make things better here and help 2019 to be a banner year. The first tomato seeds get started in January, and by March our greenhouses are full of seedlings.

On May 3, we look forward to welcoming customers back to the farmstand with fresh herbs, greens and other spring vegetables, along with plants for your Martha’s Vineyard garden and “imported” groceries. Asparagus season begins soon afterward.

Until May, Islanders and Vineyard visitors can buy self-service eggs from the fridge outside the farmstand exit. And for all our friends on the web, we’ll be posting recipes and news here at morninggloryfarm.com. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, too.

Asparagus season starts May 5. Photo by Alison Shaw.

Asparagus season starts May 5. Photo by Alison Shaw.

Adapted from a post from January, 2017.