1.0  Introduction

1.1  This standard procedure describes the authority, responsibilities, and measurements of performance of the Truck Driver at Morning Glory Farm

2.0  Summary

2.1  The basic function of the Truck Driver is drive the refrigerated truck on the twice weekly runs to produce and other food markets in the Boston area, and to make supplementary trips from time to time to pick up meat, equipment, or supplies.

3.0  Reporting Relationship

3.1  The truck driver reports to the C.F.O. He/she must also keep in close,   cooperative contact with the Stand Manager.

4.0  Authority The Truck Driver has the authority to:

4.1  Purchase fuel and oil for the truck using the Farm’s credit card.

4.2  Call for emergency repairs as needed while making a trip. At he same time, such events shall be reported to the C.F.O.

4.3  Charge Ferry tickets for Farm business trips to the Farm account.

5.0  Requirements

5.1  Licenses: The Truck Driver must have a valid Massachusetts driver’s License; CDL not required.

5.2  Current Driver’s Medical Certificate. Forms are available from Farm Office.

5.3  A minimum of 5 years of driving experience, preferably with truck driving experience.

5.4  Skill, Knowledge, and Abilities; Familiarity with regulations pertaining to heavy trucks, good, defensive driving techniques, good consciousness of the space of the vehicle when turning and backing and driving under bridges and overhanging branches, skillful maneuvering abilty. The Driver must also have the ability to communicate effectively with vendors and their employees and with Farm staff.

6.0  Responsibilities and Duties

6.1  Manage time so that he/ she has sufficient time to check the truck before a trip and get to the ferry ½ hour before the reserved time.

6.2  Conduct a complete pre-trip inspection and record it on the forms provided.

6.3  Maintain proper oil levels in the Truck and the Refer unit.

6.4  Obey all motor vehicle laws including speed limits and always using directionals to indicate turns or lane changes.

6.5  Know the route to the destination and arrive at the anticipated time, if possible.

6.6  Supervise the loading of the truck so that the load is properly balanced and secure. The Driver is responsible for the safe arrival of the freight.

6.7  Determine that the order is complete by estimating or counting the parcels. Check with the Farmstand Manager by phone when necessary.

6.8  Maintain the proper temperature in the cargo area.

6.9  Strive to be at the ferry at the right time for the return trip. Advise the Farmstand if the trip is delayed or early.

6.10        Monitor the vehicle systems on the dash constantly. Purchase Fuel before returning to the island. Keep all mirrors and glass clean and mirrors properly adjusted. Use spare waiting time, if any, to clean the interior and exterior of the truck. The appearance of the truck is a comment on our business.

6.11        Assist the Farmstand Crew in unloading the truck.

6.12        Notify the C.F.O. at least two weeks in advance of anticipated absence. Please report any unexpected conflicts with the schedule as soon as possible.

6.13        The truck and the time spent off-island are for Farm business only. Stops for personal errands may be made if they are close to the route and will not interefere with the schedule.

6.14        Report any problems with the truck immediately.

6.15        Deliver receipts and all paperwork associated with the trip to the C.F.O.

7.0  Measurements of Performance

7.1  Scheduled trips are executed on time. Driver never fails to show up.

7.2  Freight arrives in good condition at the right temperature.

7.3  No traffic violations related to the driver are received.

7.4  The truck returns undamaged after each trip.

7.5  The truck is clean, inside and out.

7.6  No freight has been left behind.

7.7  The driver has good interpersonal relationships with the vendors and the Farmstand personnel.

7.8  Appropriate advance notice is given when the driver is unable to make a trip.