How to Order Fresh, Local Produce from Our Marketplace

Order Deadline is Monday, November 20th at 6am

Step-by-Step Guide to Enjoying Local Delights

Welcome to our local food marketplace! We're delighted to help you get the freshest, locally-sourced produce straight to your table. Follow these easy steps to begin your journey of delicious, wholesome eating.

Step 1. Click link below to start ordering

Step 2. Explore Our Selection and fill your basket

Click on a Thanksgiving Order shopping period as shown in diagram with red arrows

Browse through the product list and click on the plus icon to add product to cart

Step 3. Place Order

Once an item is added to cart you will be presented with a Review and Confirm Order. If you are done shopping, click on Review and Confirm Order. If not done shopping, continue adding the plus icon to add additional items to your shopping cart.


When done shopping, click on the Review and Confirm Order button or the blue shopping cart at the top right corner.

Once you are in the order, fill out all the information and click Confirm Order to reserver your order ( No immediate payment is necessary - Payment is at the Farmstand on the day of your pickup )

Once you click Confirm, you are all done